Martha Stewart: Behind the Scenes

I’ve done a few spots now with director Micah Perta for VH1’s series, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.”  The next one, I’m really looking forward to sharing.  But in the meantime, I discovered that apparently Martha was happy enough with the last one to add a behind the scenes tour of the shoot on her website.   If she wants to call the overhead diffusion a “sun scrim” then that’s what it is.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Last year, during a refreshing period of narrative projects, I was fortunate enough to have director Jon Watts bring me onto the upcoming Marvel pic, Spider-man: Homecoming as an additional unit DP.  I shot Main Unit Splinter and VFX Unit work both while the company was here in NYC as well as abroad.  I can’t take too much credit for the trailer, unless you love trains…in which case, you’re welcome:

Summer Narrative Projects

It’s been a busy summer, as I ventured back into the world of narratives for a while.  In July, I shot a movie for director John Budion, tentatively titled Life Now, Life Then.   Thereafter, I shot pieces for the CBS show “Supergirl,” a few pilots and splinter unit for the new Spiderman: Homecoming.  Also fun, was that I had a broken arm for most of this.

I also shot two great shorts for director’s Micah Perta and Walter Strafford, that should be coming around this year.  The former stars Olivia Wilde.

But there’s nothing like a few months of making movies to remind you how much you love commercials.


Game of Thrones, I'm Available.

Here is the latest film piece that I had the pleasure of shooting for Saturday Night Live.  It is an amazing thing to watch these sets go from script to shoot in 36 hours…then airing that night after we wrap.  And, if GoT is impressed with the facsimile, I’d be happy to make my way back to Ireland or Croatia for a little while…

NBC SNL Game of Thrones Sneak Peak


I recently did these series of “experiments” with Ashton Kutcher for Motorola newest phones.  And after spending some time at the Motorola headquarters, I am pretty convinced they are the best smart phone available right now.  We also got to break a lot of iPhones.

HERE is one of the spots,


HERE is another.



On January 20th, I’ll be one of a few cinematographers presenting at the Big League Cine Summit on Cinematography.  It’s accessible for 24 hours and free.  I’ll be discussing lighting for sports commercials versus lighting for beauty work.  Perfect if you’ve ever sat with me in a bar discussing Briese lights for 2 hours and thought, “if only I could watch this on my computer…and with slides.”